Artificial Grass Mat

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  • The best and prime quality of our artificial grass is that despite the fact that it is not natural grass, still it gives a sensation of natural grass.
  • Our artificial grass is Eco-friendly & it does not at all require any pesticides or chemicals for its development.
  • Other best feature of artificial grass is that it is durable neither it’s color will fade nor it will disappear in heavy sunlight.

Item Specification

Charge Unit Per Piece
Pile Material P.P.(Made from Virgin Material)
Pile Shape C (Center Spine)
Pile Height(mm) 35 mm
Pile Weight(kg/m2) 1.99 kg/m2
Total Weight(kg/m2) 3.55 kg/m2
Switch Rate(10cm) 18 stitches
Gauge 3/8
Tuffed Density(d/m2) 18900
Yarn Denier(Dtex) 9000 + 4200
Mat Size 40 cm X 60 cm
Place of Production India


Maintenance Low
Watering Free
Moisture Free
Timespan Long-lasting
Eco-friendly Yes
Repetitive Use Yes
Easy to Clean Yes
Hygienic Yes
Uses Multiple


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